Vanessa Thume

Film - BA (Hons)

My name is Vanessa Thume; I am in my graduate year of the Film Studies course and 23 years of age.

I come from the state of Thuringia in Germany and have always had a close relationship to film as I have been watching them with loved ones from infant age until now, some might say to an excessive amount. Furthermore, I have always noticed the desire to capture things around me and be able to show their true beauty through my eyes and share it with others.

The most enjoyable thing about Film for me is the filming, the development of the story in terms of writing it and storyboarding it and the editing, which for me feels like giving a rough diamond a cut or uncovering a story in a pile of footage. 

I try to explore various subjects such as mental health, technology, psychology, and comedy in my work. If I'm not exploring a specific topic, I instead focus on the camera and experiment with all the possibilities it can employ.

"The Drone" (2021) follows the story of a human who, as time goes on, falls obsessed with a Drone that mysteriously showed up at her doorstep. I employ cinematography to show emotions and establish each character and their thoughts. In "One Minute of Freedom", I have explored a completely different approach. I wanted to show nature's beauty, and while the spectator watches, they make them feel calm while uneasy due to the poem's nature.