Megan Dymock

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Megan’s work is driven by a love of colour-mixing and a desire to celebrate the joy and beauty of the everyday. She brings her ideas to life through the creation of 3D sets made out of paper, which she then lights and photographs to produce final artwork that can be applied to a variety of design layouts. She is fascinated by the unique qualities of paper modelling and the use of the camera to capture interesting compositions using depth of field.

She particularly loves creating the tiny details when designing an interior - like all the ingredients involved in pizza making! She tries to ensure no detail is overlooked in order to re-create the distinctive atmosphere of a particular place.

For her final major project, she focused on promoting a range of subjects that inspired her. This included the environmental work of Switzerland’s national railway company; the work of Gartur Stitch Farm in Scotland to promote sustainable lifestyles; the international work of the RNLI in Bangladesh to prevent child drowning; and the transformation of the V&A Museum of Childhood.