Tian Young

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

I am a BA Fine Art student who has been developing my practice of making miniatures, Diorama type sculptures. My degree has offered me the opportunity to experience a variety of different mediums, challenging me to explore and discover my strengths and talents. I have also challenged my understanding of art and how it is perceived to allow me to gain an understanding of how my artworks can viewed. This has allowed me to think creatively about the mediums I am using and how they can be adapted and humbly transformed.  I have explored how everyday objects that I have been using, can represent different meanings and evoke audience opinions through the application of theory. My artistic skill has enabled me to choose everyday objects and to transform them into miniature sculptures and dioramas using only manual processes. I have limited the use of modern methods and techniques to show my skills, admiration and affiliation with the bygone era of early miniature making.

My time at university has also challenged my technical abilities. I have gained confidence in creating films and learning both adobe Premier Pro and Photoshop to enable me to develop another area of competence.

My artworks vary in content, most recently I have been focusing on early 20th cinematography, with films such as Metropolis, being the foundation of my degree show pieces. I have chosen to focus on cinema as this links directly to my future aspirations of becoming a prop maker within the film industry. The miniature genre and films have a pre-existing connection through set and prop designs, and this has fuelled my passion for designing and making miniatures and diorama type sculptures.

I would also consider curation as a career path, as over my time at Cambridge school of Art, I have taken on many extracurricular roles, such to the as creating a variety of promotional content and leadership roles within exhibitions. These extra responsibilities have enabled me to use my organisation, management and communication skills and develop my leadership qualities.

I will also launch my own business, The Humble Miniature, which reflect my love of the whimsical and fantasy. I intend to make and sell my miniature sculptures and other artworks online. Creating, artworks which are so fragile and endearing and being able to sell, show and exhibit this style of work for everyone to delight in is what I am passionate about.