Becky Holloway

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

Hi, my name's Becky Holloway. I am an illustrator and animator with a passion for combining traditional hand drawing techniques with the digital world. I sometimes feel as though I never grew out of making scribbly drawings with crayons as I still love to produce works that harbour this childish energy. To add, I am still full of the same wonderment at the world as I was as a child, I am fascinated by people and love to tell stories that romanticise the everyday things. As a result my work is often quite human-centric, a theme you can see in my most recent animation “The Things We Don’t See”.

“The Things We Don’t See” is a short hand-drawn animation that I created as a way of honouring my passion for social and feminist politics. Despite being playful and colourful in style it tells a story of a girl who is struggling to navigate a change in herself that is being so avidly observed by everyone else.

I wanted to create a piece inspired by coming-of-age films as it is one of my favourite genres. I wanted it to be different to the animations already in circulation and so I brought in my biggest passion…people. My story relies heavily on body language, mannerisms, and the interactions between my characters. There is no voice over as I felt each person’s stolen glances, stumbling walks and raised eyebrows would communicate the emotions of my piece more universally than speech could. The irony of it being voiceless however, is that once my animation is watched, I hope that the viewer is encouraged to raise theirs.