Molly Freeman

Photography - BA (Hons)

I am photographer currently based in Hertfordshire. My work often experiments with digital photography. I regularly photograph portraits using natural lightening outside experimenting with the different surroundings to make my photos look as natural as possible.

My project is inspired by the bond between two brothers, the photos were taken in rural settings where they were free to explore. The locations which were used for my shoots were places in which the boys had never been, this was to enable them to explore and engage with their surroundings further.

I wanted my photos to capture them interacting with one another. I purposely chose my photos to be taken outside so they were able to activate a sense of exploration and imagination and for the photos to display a sense of freedom.

These photos were inspired by the special bond which siblings have and the beauty of the natural world, I wanted to keep the photos as natural as possible to enable the boys personalities to come through. The photos were inspired by the idea of freedom and peace of playing outdoors, that is often associated with childhood.