Luis Monteiro

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

I am Luis Monteiro, I just finished my BA in Illustration and Animation at Cambridge School of Art. I have been drawing even before I knew how to speak and I intend to do it until I die. My passion just grew throughout the years and transformed into a realistic goal.

Today I am working towards becoming an art director/creative director and having my own studio. Baby steps though. But throughout the years I have worked on plenty of animations from my last one ‘Cambridge River Pirates’ to my first one ‘A Misteriosa Leguminosa’ in 2016, which won Best Animation Short Film award at the 2016 “Festival de Audiovisuale Cinema Escolar”. Also won the Young Portuguese Filmmaker Award (up to 18 years) at the 43rd “CINANIMA” International Festival (2019).

I get inspired through media and life. A lot of successful people inspire me to work on my craft and shows like Rick and Morty and movies like The Godfather are the kind of stuff that give me ambition to create something unique.

The message I want to leave on this world is that creation is the essence of life and we are here on Earth exactly for that.

My work in general intends to make people invested in my message. With the many stories I told and will tell I expect to reach people in different ways and hopefully make a positive impact.

On this project I wanted to create a small episode of a possible animated series. Where I could explore character building and development. The story happens in the rivers of Cambridge. I chose this location as an homage for this great city.

The story revolves around a captain and the whole plot is that his precious treasure went missing, bringing emotions of rage, fear, sadness, suspense and respect to the characters and the production.

The style chosen was inspired by ‘adultswim’ shows to attempt people feel attached to the characters and find them recognizable. I chose to create more details backgrounds to show my skill and to make the characters stand out.

When it comes to the animation style I decided to make it look like an old school Disney animation with a lot of comedic timing and using classical musical to create nostalgia in the viewers.

In conclusion, the animation is intended to be a comedy, with a more serious ending that hopefully is taken in an ironic way.