Phoebe Sloley

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

Working as predominantly 1st Assistant Director, Phoebe shows excellent communication, leadership and the ability to balance logistics and creativity. This has allowed her to grow creatively within different aspects of film; such as short f iction, documentary and commercial. The focus of her work is to bring a directors vision to life, allowing all departments to get a chance at expressing their creativity and having a meaningful contribution to the film. It is important for Phoebe to work on productions that inspire people and change their world view, to communicate an idea into real life. Inspired by growing up in London, within a diverse community all with different stories to tell. A key skill Phoebe excels at is problem solving, with attention to detail she comes up with creative solutions. She is very good at managing teams and bringing crew members together. Her aspiration is to ultimately work as a 1st Assistant Director, to secure this role she is determined to work her way up and learn from industry professionals. Phoebe worked as 1st AD on two Major projects;  Mortal  and  Gills and Fins, and further on  Zenpire; an entry to Kodak Student Commercial Awards 2020 (shot on 16mm).