Beatriz Brito

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)


My name is Beatriz Brito and I have recently finished my Digital Media Production degree at ARU – Cambridge School of Art.

My main work focuses on storytelling, emotion and immersive sound. I also love to work with visual effects as I am a big consumer of video games and films.

My career aspiration goes around content creation, and I would love to have the opportunity to work in the gaming industry or film industry one day.

My work is a mix between exploring emotion through photos and sound. I love to create poster with concepts that do not really exist in the real world, such as magic/superpowers. I also like to explore other concepts like feelings/emotions.

For my major project I made 3D digital posters about the buildings and a secret key for the virtual city built on Minecraft.  I have also made a digital traveller guide so anyone, that would see the physical exhibition would be able to understand ender speak (a Minecraft language) that was used in the posters. Here I will just show one of them.