Emily Colhoun

Photography - BA (Hons)

Photography is fuelled by passion, both in the creation and admiration of the subject – Emily Colhoun

"Boundless Connections" is a collection of photographs produced by the Portrait and Documentary Photographer, Emily Colhoun. The collection of portraits features different individuals and their pets. The aim of the project is to represent how our pets, can bring physical and emotional benefits to us as human beings. The physical closeness of the human and animal within each photograph, is symbolic of their emotional connection that they share together. As a pet owner herself, Emily has drawn on her own admiration and passion for this unique relationship, allowing Boundless Connections to come alive.

Emily uses her own experiences and interests to influence and inspire all the work she creatively produces. She has regard in portraying Disabled Access, whether it be evident or not, within the UK. She also has a fondness for photographing Historical Heritage sites within the UK, all in which can be found on her website. 

In the future, Emily aspires to become a self-employed Photographer. She hopes to build a portfolio of creative work that focuses on her interests, while also broadening into new genres of photography.