Gabriel Mendes

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

As a designer, I have always been fascinated by the power of visual storytelling. Being able to effectively communicate through art and design has been a driving force for me throughout my career. My passion for the field is reflected in my specialization in Illustrative and digital imaging and hand drawings.

Throughout my work, I strive to create designs that not only look good but also have a deeper purpose. My focus is on combining the functional Bauhaus and the comical Pop art philosophy, a unique approach that allows me to express my creativity while maintaining a balance between form and function.

My ultimate goal is to become a design curator, a role that allows me to showcase the work of other talented designers and artists. But before I get there, I want to gain experience working in a renowned design studio or developing my own freelance career. Both paths offer unique opportunities to learn and grow as a designer, and I am excited to explore them further.

As I continue to pursue my passion for design, I am always looking for new ways to push my boundaries and take on new challenges. Whether it's experimenting with new techniques or collaborating with other creatives, I am committed to pushing myself to new heights and creating work that inspires others.

For my final university project, I explored the ways in which cultural exchange influences the field of design. As a Portuguese student, I was inspired to incorporate a tradition from my home country into a British setting. I chose to focus on Portuguese tile-making because it is an ancient and intricate craft that has been passed down through generations. In my project, I aimed to showcase how the tile-making process can be adapted and applied to contemporary design, while also incorporating symbols from various cultures to create a more inclusive and representative message.

To create the designs for the project, I first sketched out various concepts and then refined them using Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to ensure that the designs were both aesthetically pleasing and conveyed a deeper message about the importance of cultural exchange. Once I was happy with the designs, I transferred them to Photoshop, where I was able to visualize how they would look in the space that I would like to intervene, the Cambridge Market Place fountain.

Through my project, I wanted to showcase how design can be used to promote cultural unity and understanding. I believe that by incorporating traditions from different cultures, we can create spaces that are more inclusive and representative of the diverse world we live in. The miniature Portuguese tiles I created served as a physical representation of this message, emphasizing the importance of celebrating and valuing cultural diversity in our society.