Abbie Turner

Digital Media - BA (Hons)

Demonstrating digital diversity

Located in Manchester, Abbie Turner is a Digital Media student who explores augmented reality and audience engagement through her interactive animations. She communicates the idea that anything physical can be digitised to become more significant and extraordinary.

Abbie is enthusiastic about exploring various mediums from sketching to animating while her hobbies of drawing and painting are constantly progressing. She has gained work experience in Digital Marketing which has had a lasting impression on her work; user experience and target markets are always impacting features of her final outcomes.

Abbie is inspired by the natural world and it is often a prominent theme of her work. She is influenced by all aspects of the creative world from Kate Atkin’s large-scale, pencil drawings and Isobel Adams’ delicate illustrations to Degas’ bronze sculptures.

Abbie took on the role of project manager for her course’s ‘Snack on Tech’ exhibition, which showcased a culmination of student work. She worked on key leadership, communication and organisation skills throughout the planning process and is determined to transfer these soft skills to her future career. She is excited about a career in user experience design or content creation and aspires to create work that positively impacts and influences others. Abbie feels that her biggest achievements are yet to be reached.