Lidia Bieniarz

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

My style and art are based on a thorough observation of the world and its hidden treasures. Whether fiction or documentary, storytelling is an amazing tool that brings many possibilities, taking us to a place where we have never been before, giving new perspectives, allowing us to live more than one life, and above all, bringing knowledge and science.

I intend my films to amaze, but most of all evoke emotions, emotions that we fear, that we avoid. Forcing uneasy reflections on the audience, leaving them with tough questions is part of my art. Film is an incredibly important medium that can convey crucial information and knowledge and accentuate the values of life that truly matter.

My graduation project is a short film I wrote and directed that portrays WWII and Holocaust from a child's perspective.

Born and raised in Poland, the events of the past always had a great impact on my upbringing and my perception of the world. Stories told by family members always touched me and evoked feelings I could never explain. Speaking on behalf of those who have not had the opportunity to do so, and let their significant stories survive is something of great importance to me. Writing Hidden was an emotional journey filled with many uneasy reflections.

Telling a story through the elderly and a child’s perspective, the most vulnerable people, seemed like the best way to reach the audience with the message Hidden conveys. Creating this film was not only a great chance to raise awareness about the topic our generation slowly forgets, but it was also a way of uniting with other incredible and passionate people to promote peace amidst constantly emerging hatred.