Bruno Coelho

Fashion - BA (Hons)

Bruno Coelho is a textiles-based fashion design student, who loves the challenge of working with different materials beyond fabrics and mixing them
together to create a strong and meaningful piece. He is driven by the passion to learn and grow both aesthetically and technically. Learning new perspectives and innovative approaches has helped him mature not only as designer but also as a person.

Originally from the north of Portugal Bruno moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer. He started to study fashion 6 years ago, when he was only 14 years old when he started to find himself within fashion. Fashion for him became a way of making a statement about subjects that are important to him, and to have a voice to speak for himself and for the others who search for their own voices. As a designer he wants to be able to create connection with people and the world, and with each project he wants to bring awareness to any hidden messages within society and the world.


Paradisum explores the reconstruction of the self as a strong and free being, where words overcome fears, coming one step closer to “the promise
land”. Macramé and print mixed with parachute drapes and detailed workwear inspired silhouettes within an explosion of colour. A collection that will make you speak out loud to fight for yourself, against your demons and all the darkness that once hunted your heat.