Rosie Hurley

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Using drawing as a starting point, Rosie’s illustration often then evolves into 3D environments; using materials such as paper, clay and textiles to build sets, characters and props. This 3D work is then photographed and edited digitally to produce final illustrations. Rosie enjoys the fact that working in 3D allows her to use photography to enhance her model making, often playing with a mixture of natural and studio lighting to create atmosphere.

For the final third year project, Rosie wanted to explore her interest in both narrative work and more commercial promotional work; starting off with a narrative series of 38 images illustrating Roald Dahl's story “Esio Trot” (lead image and first 2 images).  With this project, she wanted to explore how to create a complete sense of place by building a full environment as well as characters that would fit within it.

Her second project was based around food and produce delivery and included a lot of drawing and visual research (image 3), which was then used to inform model-making using clay and paper (image 4). These illustrations are designed with the branding of Petersham Nurseries in mind and aims to promote their produce in a way that infers its quality as well as the rustic and artistic nature of the brand.