Ilinca Alecsa

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

My practice is about creating environments. I am forever in search of new methods of expression and consider myself a multi-disciplinary artist. A central aspect of the work is digital manipulation through either self-photography or videography though I combine and move between various mediums and techniques. This varied vocabulary often manifests as large scale installations in which I relate to methods used in set design. The use of props and handmade objects enhance the performative element and my intention is to incorporate themes such as the human condition and self-development, often using multiple symbols that represent popular historical concepts, for example Tarot. A key element in the installations is the production of ceramic objects which draw inspiration from folk culture in their use of shape and colour.

The impact of colour is a major influence and my work includes a playful sensibility in my celebration of the human experience, aiming to immerse the viewer in my assembled environments. Another important aspect that defines my work is the presence of vivid tones that symbolise my experience of life and which form the compositional infrastructure of my environments.