Fionn Ovington

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Fionn creates designs inspired by the natural world, combining digital and traditional techniques. Many of his designs originate from his printmaking and collage practice. Starting with intuitive responses to traditional materials, he then develops the colour and composition of the designs using digital techniques.

Fionn completed his BA Graphic Design course at Cambridge School of Art in May 2020. He plans to study printmaking in depth at the Curwen Print Study Centre in Cambridge in September 2020.

Remembering Forgotten Words

Fionn's major project explores words rarely encountered nowadays. He chose words from Shakespeare, Keats and John Clare for their powerful effect on his imagination. He wanted to communicate this effect by creating designs which would become puzzles.

But university closures prevented puzzle production, resulting in a creative turning point. He realised the puzzle lines could operate as visual metaphors, that the designs could be exhibited as a series of large format prints in a gallery setting.

At the heart of these designs lies the relationship between language and images, how we relate to reading letters and how we interpret meaning from them.