Lucy Smith

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Lucy combines working traditionally and digital, using gouache, pencil and ink, as well as photoshop and procreate, to experiment with her work. Key themes of her work focus on storytelling and history, and she is inspired by a wide range of personal interests such as theatre, LGBT+, and mythology, which help inform her creative choices.

Lucy's work is often characterised by bold colour, interesting textures, and an enjoyment of experimentation which is often how she resolves a final piece. She wants to communicate her love of stories and history, and how they combine to inform the present as well as the behaviour of the world today. Her artistic and creative influences cover a wide range, including classical painting and sculpture, literature, and poet’s like Nikita Gill and Carol Ann Duffy, as well as folklore and legends, amongst others. She hopes in future to work as a freelance illustrator, with interests and aspirations in book illustration and writing, design, and other areas.