Diane-Laure Mussy

Photography - BA (Hons)

Diane-Laure Mussy works with medium format photography in still life, expressing the theme of memory through objects.

In her « Memory Objects » Project she uses the black and white medium format for a very personal subject. She found it was the perfect medium to visualize her perception of the objects, capturing the feelings they have for her. It enables her to recreate the feeling that she perceived in the object, but removed to a different place and time, showing her point of view now of the objects that she had seen and felt since she was little.

This project was a kind of therapy for her to turn the page of a "certain" childhood. She used all her own emotions in this project to create images with strong evocative power. Simple objects become supports to go back in time, hers, and ours. She works on the depths of the field, blurring them to take us into another space-time. She likes to explore the intimate and answer her personal questions with her images.