Owen O'Sullivan

Computer Games Art - BA (Hons)

As an enthusiastic game artist who specialises in environment art, I strive to create artwork that tells a convincing story whilst feeling immersive to the viewer.

Currently based in Lincolnshire, I enjoy producing my scenes in both a realistic and stylised art-style. Adopting modelling and texturing programs, such as Maya and Substance Painter/Designer, I am especially experienced in creating interior environments and the detailed props that accompany them.

My creative influences stem from games I have played that demonstrate heavily absorbing worlds, such as the Grand Theft Auto and Pokémon series of games. The works of 2D artists such as Simon Stålenhag are also large motivations behind my artistic ideas. 
Looking to the future, I aspire to further my abilities in environment art through industry experience, whether this be at home in the UK or internationally.