CJ Faichney

Digital Media Production - BA (Hons)

I am CJ, a creative media practitioner from Northern Ireland, and I’m soon to be finishing a BA (Hons) in Digital Media production at ARU Cambridge. As ever I look forward to seeing where I can take my creative ability and talents. With an interest in 3D modelling, Content Creation and Creating Immersive & Interactive Storytelling Experiences. In whatever form they come, seeing it as a chance to broaden my skillset.

My goal is to make a break into the Creative Media Industry, as this is something I have felt enthusiastic about for a long time. Though I am interested in pursuing Post-Graduate education as well & I have hobbies in a-typical art, creative writing, video gaming & photography.

For my final Major Project, I continued working on a joint university collaboration live brief-project called “New Canterbury Tales.” This is what I would describe as ‘Multi-Output’ Storytelling.  
My work consisted of helping build this world, from stories /lore we had on it and its inhabitants, planned in World Anvil, and built in Minecraft. Specifically, I worked to create 3D content as A-Typical Art, using Minecraft, both an export-printing program called “Mineways” and “Minecraft Overviewer.”  
With Mineways I was able to extract 3D models which I then imported to Blender which I learnt there and then to be able to achieve the results I wanted, high quality, lit, textured, and rendered out imagery. 
With Minecraft Overviewer, I was able to create an interactive map of the world data that you could explore, then using Amazon Web Services and LightSail to get it hosted online, through a direct link or via QR code.  
This was just part of my contribution to the project, but one I thought showed a good showcase of how a small fishing village, becomes consumed by big tech & how the city could be conceptualised in a-typical art forms. For in Digital Media Production we are encouraged to experiment and explore our creativity.