Luke James

Illustration - BA (Hons)

My name is Luke James, an Illustrator originally from Greater Manchester. I am extremely passionate about cult film, horror and classic comic books, which all heavily inspire my creative practice.

Art and, more specifically, illustration became my life’s ambition when I was very young after I won a competition to design the Rugby League World Cup mascot. Creating ‘Grubber and Steed’ showed me the heights I could reach when I applied my passions and hard work through creative means. My work reflects my personality: bold, graphic and sharp with a distinct sense of character and passion. My illustrations also have great texture and a dirty, gritty atmosphere which I believe stems from growing up in the old industrial heart of the North of England.

I have a bold and expressive visual language, using ink in a variety of ways through dip pens and brushes as a strong, traditional foundation which I then enhance digitally with bold colour. I also enjoy experimenting with classic printing methods such as halftone, dot screen and screen tone to give my illustrations a vintage feel.

I want every piece I produce to communicate a sense of energy, passion and enthusiasm to the audience as I believe that art and illustration is something that should always be enjoyed by all. I ensure I do this by making sure every illustration I create feels very personal so that the passion is clearly expressed in every outcome I produce.

Whilst studying at the Cambridge School of Art I have gained work experience at a digital marketing agency and also at an animation company. I gained a lot from these opportunities and they led me to decide I want to work in sports illustration and advertising or film and television, illustrating storyboards or posters, as these are environments that will challenge me creatively and provide ambitious opportunities.