Srinivasa Rao Damineni

MA Film and Television Production

This documentary is about an Indian restaurant in Cambridge, UK.  It uncovers the restaurant functioning style. This documentary, Seven Stars, will show the produces and spices markets where the restaurant management buys for their precious customers. Through interviews with the restaurant owner Cholan, head chef, Kathir, and waiter Ramesh, this film goes deeper into the actual world of restaurant business. It shows the dining place, kitchen, and the cleaning process of the restaurant at closing time. It reveals how they run their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. To make this kind of program, I was inspired by NDTV Good Times food documentaries. I choose an Indian restaurant in Cambridge because I can provide more variety of making style in terms of filming zones and composing shots.

The film creates intensity for the viewers. It takes viewers on a roller-coaster ride by mixing the pacing with high points and low points. This film is aimed mainly on Indian televisions and Indian viewers. The target audience for this film is travelers, hotel industry people and management students. Apart from that, many Indians may watch this film as it was filmed abroad. They feel entertained when they watch it.

This film uses straightforwardness instead of complexity to let the audience to focus on what is being shown. There is not any fast cutting, flashing shots, graphics or any weird camera angles. It was focus on a restaurant working style and staff personal life context. Firstly, this film narrates about an Indian restaurant in foreign. That is the main potential point to sell this film in the Indian television market. To market this film in India, we will emphasize the filming zones Cambridge, Spitalfields market and Wani’s market in London. We will get adverts from international travel companies, food and beverages industries, oil and spices industries, travel luggage companies, hotels like Airbnb and so-on.

Though, this film does fulfil its target audience expectations as it is an informative and documents the life of an Indian restaurant in a foreign country. It will hook the audience with its spectacular visuals and unique concept.