Astrid Holscher

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I am a Denmark-based illustrator who has storytelling as the foundation of my image-making. My main focus is book illustration, mostly for children, but I enjoy creating for adults as well.

I love to build the world around a narrative by exploring the time period and the cultural background, as well as the naturel environment wherein the story takes place. When the setting and the characters has become familiar, the images begin to unfold and expand with even more side stories and hidden details.

The themes I am the most passionate about are folktales, cultural history and fairytales.

I am working purely analogue, and my materials of choice are acrylic on big canvasses, watercolours and modelmaking. Brushstrokes and colours are very important in my illustrations, and I work with bold mark making and vibrant colour pallets.

Modelmaking is my newest way of working, and I am very excited to explore its possibilities for making objects that can be interactive with the owner. This can be in the form of children's toys, decorations, pop-up books and so much more.

When I illustrate for children in either books or 3D objects, I like to create it as if it was for myself as a child. I find that it helps me to create that warm and intimate bubble in which the stories can be lived.