Natalia Toumpari

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

Hi, i am Natalia Toumpari and I am a graduate from BA (Hons) Interior Design at Anglia Ruskin University. Through these three years of my studies I learned to notice and think how humans interact with spaces, as this is the most important principal of interior design. I developed different skills including physical modelmaking, 2D drawing both physical and digital (AutoCAD), 3D drawing both physical and digital (SketcUp Pro), hand rendering and rendering using the Adobe Suite, and also developed layout and presentation skills.

In the summer leading to the 3rd year of my studies I completed an internship were I worked for a month with a construction and design office in Ioannina, Greece called Point A - The Building Workshop. During that time I was responsible for creating the interior of a three bedroom maisonette and a one bedroom flat. Having this much responsibility during my internship helped me experience the professional world and gave me skills such as learning to work closely with architects and Civil Engineers. An extra thing that maybe you should know about me is that before I joined the Interior Design course I graduated from the Ionian University with an Integrated Masters in Audiovisual Arts.

For our final year project we had to redesign the University Library of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus. In order to do this project we had to rethink the idea of what a library actually is. In my eyes, a library is a place that people can learn new things, exchange knowledge and find different resources. A library is not necessarily about books. That is why, for my project i decided to do a “Library of Materials”. This library is a space for the students of the School of Arts where they can go and find different materials, both classic and innovative, that can help them develop their studies and projects even further.