Michaela Martins

Fashion - BA (Hons)

Michaela Martins is Textile-Print based fashion design student, who enjoys the process of creating visual contextualization of a concept throughout prints to show a message to people. She is motivated by the combination of different media and techniques to create print and develop her way of working visuals to create hidden messages that people assume to be lost within art.

Since moving from Portugal to pursue her aspirations in fashion she was trying to find who she was as a designer and found herself in the world of digital print. Her path in the industry started when she was studying arts in high school, where she developed her interest for the different waves of art, past and contemporary. Her fascination with old paintings gave her the inspiration to create and make people appreciate each garment as a piece of art through her designs. Awareness of the art within the connection through time is what Michaela seeks as a designer, being able to bring the past, create a present and make a future for arts in this new era the world is facing.