Anna Baylis

Illustration - BA (Hons)

I am an illustrator, currently based in Cambridge, interested in interpersonal connections, exploring characters’ inner worlds and emotions. For this reason, I particularly enjoy narrative illustration, playing with composition and choosing what to hide or reveal to the viewer.

I usually start off my work with a mixed-media analogue approach, and later take it over to make digital adjustments, but I enjoy constantly evolving my work process to accommodate new facets of visual problem solving. Whether I’m experimenting with cut-paper collage or hand rendering in coloured pencil, I love to consider light and colour. Even when I’m not painting or drawing, I’m often thinking about light and colour; I might be looking at trees and observing how light passes through their leaves or pondering the exact colour of a church tower silhouetted against the sun. As a lifelong bookworm, inspiration usually comes from stories. I am interested in ‘all things books’ and would love to work with illustrating them in any capacity – black and white chapter headings, generating illustrations for full pages, producing covers, and for any age.