Juliana Sant’Anna

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

I'm always driven to explore my identity and break free from societal norms through my art. Every piece I create is a reflection of my soul, and each one represents a journey of self-acceptance that culminates in its exhibition.

My primary mediums are film and photography, and I draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including people, nature, and animals. I approach my creative process as a continuous journey of self-reflection, constantly evolving and growing as I experiment with new techniques and mediums. Currently, I'm exploring video installations to offer a uniquely immersive experience for my audience.

My artworks delve into deep and complex themes such as life, death, and the passage of time. Religion and emotions also feature prominently in my pieces. My goal is to evoke powerful emotions in my audience, creating a space for deep introspection and contemplation.

I'm not afraid to push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking with my art.  I believe that art has the power to connect people on a profound level, and I strive to create pieces that will leave a lasting impact on those who experience them.