Nira Gonzalez-Sanchez

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Nira Gonzalez is about to finish her BA (Hons) Graphic Design [Extended]. During this course, Nira has improved her skills in multipage documents and book covers design, book binding, poster and signage design, typography, web and app design, photography, album cover design, branding, packaging, printmaking, graphic props, motion graphics, animation, and VFX. 

Nira has developed an interest in motion graphics and visual effects for cinema. The source of her inspiration has been artists like David Wilson and his music video ‘Do I wanna know’ for Arctic Monkey, or Lotte Reiniger and her silhouette animation style. Nira's main goal is to study an MA Visual Effects and start working in studios like MPC. Nira would also like to improve her calligraphic skills and dig in the art of map-making. 

In Nira's major project, she designed an animated trailer for JRR Tolkien’s ’The Lord of the Rings’. After the release of the film series based on this epic novel, the audience may have left aside the books where this story began. This project's aim is to reignite interest in the book series, using some of the key points of the story to give an idea of the world created by its author. Leading the video is the poem that Tolkien wrote to preface the books.