Summer Wilson

Illustration - BA (Hons)

Summer Wilson is an illustrator and animator from Bedfordshire. She enjoys drawing digitally and traditionally using mixed media. Her portfolio covers a variety of narrative-based projects which often feature obscure characters inspired by mythology, medieval art and dreams.  ~

Pictured, is a selection of her projects completed at university. One of which is an animation that is hand-painted and hand-drawn, based on Oannes, a character from Mesopotamian mythology.  
Also pictured is a children’s comic book about a dragon and a young witch with an olive-shaped helmet, titled ‘A Witch Called Olive’.  

Other projects include a series of cover designs for a set of books by Antonio Tabucchi. As well as a comic based on an anthropomorphic seal character. 
Another animation project included is a clip from an animated music video concept for ‘The Waiting Game’ by indie band Lunar Vacation. It was created using traditional hand-drawn animation and digital animation.  

Summer’s work is often illustrated using gouache paint and coloured pencils combined with digital drawing. 
She is interested in freelance illustration and animation work as well as book illustration. In the future she hopes to create comics, illustrate children’s books, create editorial illustrations for wellness articles, and animate music videos.