Dragos Voicu

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

Hi! My name is Dragos, a Romanian illustrator and animator. I like to experiment with different types of animation and combine them together. My specialisation is in Stop Motion because I like the whole process of building a puppet and a set, which will be animated later. I also like to create visual effects and 3D models.

“Impulse” is a short film that explores Rudolf Laban’s movement analysis of the human body and his notation system, known as Labanotation. His analysis consists of the effort study and the theory of spatial harmony. This project started with the idea of the human body’s motion representation, and during research, I discovered Laban and his analysis. I aimed to animate some moves worthy of this inspiration. I also tried, through my character, to present this whole process of the movement. Starting from the analysis of the symbols and ending with the true experience of motion.

I want the audience to feel that in a world of routine, without too many pleasant events, something magical must happen from time to time and change the atmosphere for the better.