Rhianna Judkins

Photography - BA (Hons)

I am a London-based photographer, who specialises in portraiture and enjoys working in a studio. My work tends to follow a commercial style, whilst telling a story.  
When I was young my inspirations were Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton. I was compelled by the fantastical worlds they would
create and is something I always think about when shooting. How can I make others see and feel what I do through an image? 

I have always had an interest in creative writing, and this is where many of my surrealist ideas emerge. Before shooting with my Nikon and making the words become images they start as written pieces or sketches.

My recent work has led me to develop a particular interest in fashion and identity. Fashion is a powerful tool for self-expression, and I intend to use my skills to capture the unique personalities of my subjects.

My current project "Dress Code" aims to have a distinct viewpoint on identity and fashion. The project investigates the idea of dressing in the "correct" manner to fit particular settings, circumstances, and environments. The various ways in which attire may be used are emphasised in fostering a sense of identity and belonging in settings through a sequence of striking photos.

The photos in "Dress Code" show people in diverse settings  wearing particular outfits. The images show how clothing may convey several messages depending on the situation and are straightforward yet striking. My research explored how clothing can influence our identities, experiences, and perceptions in the world beyond mere fashion and material. I challenge viewers to consider the significance of fashion in our lives and in our society by examining how we use clothing to fit into various settings and environments.