Juliana Freitas

Photography - BA (Hons)

I am a Portuguese photographer based in Hertfordshire.

Fashion and music photography are my passion as it allows me to be creative and have my own visual language through experiment.

Photography allows me to share a message and be a visual storyteller. It enables me to create, unwind my mind and tell my story.

Yin-Yang represents the dark side, The Yin, and the lighter side, The Yang, their appearances are not exactly the complete opposites, in fact each side has a little bit of the other in it.

This project, Yin-Yang, has helped me face the two versions of myself which are constantly battling with one another every day.

Understanding my mental health journey showed me that my struggles have made the better person I am today and allowed me to be creative and be more understanding.

My practice focuses on portraying my emotions from the concept, poses, and the use of clothing drawing inspiration from fine art fashion whilst exploring therapeutic photography.

Therapeutic photography is the understanding and analysing through photographs for personal growth and healing. Consciously or unconsciously this method is liberating, and it actively constructs, reflects and explores the mind. It can able the person to learn about themselves and help them to see the world in a better light.

I find this practice relates to my photographic journey and with this in mind I decided to use this as a guide for my project to create this narrative.