Greg Allen

Photography - BA (Hons)

I am a still life photographer based in Godmanchester. I use photography to showcase my dark imagination through photographs. I
shoot with natural lighting with my digital camera. Over the three years I've experimented with different types of photography from portraiture to narrative to landscape and my most recent projects I've experimented with still life photography and that brings me to my current project.

For my current project "The Dark Mind'' I wanted to explore the dark side of photography with still life such as fake human body parts, capturing dark and creepy scenes in my photos.

I've always enjoyed the horror side of photography along with films and tv shows, so I decided combine my interest in horror with my photography that pushes boundaries.

This project has been really helpful for me to stop playing it safe. This project has allowed me to take my imagination and fantasy to the highest standard and take photos I would've not taken before.

My main influence for this project is the American Photographer Joel Peter Witkin. His photos are primarily centred around death creating grotesque and interesting photos.