Chloe Forgham

Photography - BA (Hons)

I have always had a passion for photography and from a young age have loved to take photos and create memories, and in the past few years have developed this hobby into a professional skill. I have worked with almost all genres of photography before but in particular love fashion and documentary - I have an interest in unique and alternative fashion so love to capture people wearing outfits I admire or have put together myself, and with documentary I like to capture raw and candid moments of life to look back on in the future.

To challenge myself and try something new with my work away from my preferred genres of photography, my final project consists of landscape photos taken at dusk. The project is called Blue Hour and shows locations around Cambridge and my hometown during the scientifical time of day called blue hour, which goes unnoticed by most people but when noticed is such a beautiful and magical thing. The images are displayed via a projector in a completely darkened space to properly immerse the viewers in the photos.