Mick Paulusma

MA Fine Art and MA Printmaking

I am an interdisciplinary artist whose practice resides at the intersection of post-digital exploration and embodied expression.

I explore the transformative potential of technology on drawing and investigate the intricate relationship between physical gestures, digital realms, and spatial experience.

Drawing inspiration from both my native Canada and my life in the UK, I seek to evoke a sense of familiarity, connectedness, and, perhaps, belonging.

My practice embraces the convergence of analog and digital elements as a place that fosters new modes of artistic expression and through this interplay of physical and digital elements, my work seeks to create spaces that resonate with memories and emotions.

In my artistic process, I capture open gestures — such as swimming, hugging, and embracing — that embody warmth, comfort, and positivity. Through AI-assisted motion capture, these movements are translated into three-dimensional rigged models. Meticulously crafted paths that represent the motion of hands, hips, feet, and head are used as a basis for building digital structures. These structures serve as evocative representations of human gesture. Blending projection mapping, ambient lighting, soundscapes, and minimalistic physical elements, I construct spaces that blur the boundaries between physical and digital realms, highlighting the truth that we are always in many places at once.