Sharon Ajibola

Interior Design - BA (Hons)

Hey, my name is Sharon Ajibola and I'm a recent graduate with BA (Hons) in Interior Design at Anglia Ruskin University. During my three years of studying here, I have learned the psychology of design and how humans behave, and the mood changes they have in different environments. I developed a variety of skills during this period such as physical model making and digital by using Sketchup Pro, rendering digital models by using 3D Max and Vray and creating floorplan, sections with materiality through AutoCAD. During the summer of second & third years of university, I completed an internship in Ireland with a company called FKM Fitout Limited Ireland and a remote internship in a Nigerian real estate company called Jide Taiwo & Co Real Estate which is based in Lagos.

During my time in both companies, I have learned the key responsibilities of what I should expect as a designer. In FKM Fitout Limited, I was responsible for creating initial design concepts on sketch plans and as an online model and Presenting designs to clients and supervisors for approval before moving forward with construction or production. Having these responsibilities helped me experience the professional design world and gave me such skills as working with different d epartments such as architects, contractors, and other designers.

For our final year project, we had to redesign the university library of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. To start this project, we had to rethink the idea and the meaning of what a library is and
should be. In my eyes, a library is where people can gain and exchange knowledge in many ways and connect with different people which lead me into created “Connectivity Through Knowledge” which
is a space where people can learn about many top ics such as “Decolonisation” and “Social Justice” is discussed. This type of library is a space where people can demonstrate knowledge through different
types of knowledge which are kinaesthetic, verbal, visual and tacit knowledge.