Larissa Rodrigues

Illustration and Animation - BA (Hons)

Hi there! I’m Larissa Rodrigues, a Portuguese artist currently based in the UK, in my graduation year for BA (Hons) in Illustration and Animation at Cambridge School of Art.

As a child, I was fascinated by the possibilities that animation and illustration can bring to a story. Later developing a deeper curiosity about all the work that goes into creating such a production.

I am a motivated creator that focuses on animation and illustrations, my big interests being 2D Animation, Character and Background Design, Illustrations, Commercial Animations and Concept art. My productions usually rely on mundane activities that turn into more comical and surreal to bring a bigger message.

My ultimate goal would be to develop and create my own series. Still, until that I am looking forward to experiencing different briefs and playing with different narratives and visual aesthetics.

The story consists of a girl, named Tina, that works in the complaints department of a big corporate, taking calls from clients. After a client is unnecessarily rude towards her, she gets mad and ends up leaving her job right after that call. Having the rest of her day free, she leaves the office building, grabs a bike and goes to explore.

Eventually, she finds herself in a field enjoying how calm it is and its nature and scenery. As she is finally at peace a bird notices Tina, flying towards her. This bird was different. Instead of chirping, when he opens its beak, a sound of a phone ringing comes out. That breaks the reality, her surroundings start to crumble, creating an abyss where it used to be a field. As Tina thinks about escaping, she falls into the abyss.

Ultimately, she falls back into reality where she realises, she never really left the office and is still on her desk.