Pepa Villa Merino

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Manuela, or as everyone knows me, Pepa, has studied BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Anglia Ruskin University.

In my portfolio you can see some of my most outstanding projects, developed with Adobe creative Suite such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD, AfterEffects.

I am a hard worker, creative, meticulous and always likes to have the best result in my projects, responsible, productive, Self- work, I also like to work in a team,

I like graphic design in different forms, such as design for websites and mobile applications, brand identity, advertising and marketing.

Fawr is a luxury brand that seeks to change the world of food and cooking by offering customers more ethical and sustainable cuisine through sourcing supplies from local farms.

The brand solution, which comprises a logo, packaging, stickers, a mobile application, an electric car for deliveries and an advertising poster, is designed to communicate values revolving around health, ethics and sustainability. The brightly coloured Fawr delivery boxes carry associations with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fawr aims to innovate food delivery services when fast and processed food have become so ubiquitous that people are accustomed to unap- petising and poor-quality food sources. Fawr is healthy and ethical since all its packaging is recy- cled, and electric vehicles deliver its products. Fawr promotes a balanced and ethical diet.