Mobolaji Babalola

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

Hi, my name is Mobolaji Babalola and I’m a graphic designer from London. Design for me has always been an important part of my life, design is a way for me to express and communicate through things like colours and typography.

I always like to explore and take inspiration from everyday things that we see and even take inspiration from things such as sports and film, things that are outside of design world. Doing this I feel is a great way to push the levels of creativity that I can use and apply to the designs that I do.

During my time at university, I’ve been able to not only learn the theory behind design, but I’ve also been able to take everything I’ve learned and used it in the real world during my time as head of creative design at the Watersprite film festival, where I was able to continue using everything I’ve learned to enhance the visual identity of the brand.

For my final project I wanted to explore how graphic design can be used within football kits. I designed a kit for different areas that I grew up in one being Rainham and the other being Abeokuta. Through this project I was able to dig deeper into the culture of both areas to see how I could use design to express the identities of these areas through the kit design.

I created patterns that tell a story about the two area. I also created a logo that reflects the culture of the area. For this final project research was a key part of the design process also as this allowed me to further push the design.