Alexandra Nae

Graphic Design - BA (Hons)

I have been searching for the desired field to pursue since secondary school. Once I joined the arts and crafts college, I had the opportunity to study a few art disciplines, such as architecture, still life and anatomy studies, abstract, fine art, clay modelling and digital editing. Throughout college, I took part in numerous painting, drawing and photography contests. I enjoyed the diversity when it comes to exploring activities, especially related to art.

I consider myself an open-minded person. I always considered that it is better to know a bit of everything, you will never know when it is needed in the future. I would lie if I said that painting was not my favourite out of all. To be more specific, still life and landscape oil painting was my focus discipline. Even if painting was my favourite discipline, photography and editing were not very far off.

Therefore, when I applied to university, I made the choice to keep painting as a hobby and decided to go for graphic design as my future career simply because this discipline combined the other two my passions I have, photography and digital editing, which really intrigued me into gaining more knowledge and developing skills.

In order to efficiently and successfully communicate the desired message to my audience, many aspects should be considered. I personally value harmony and colour scheme in my designs. I always strived to simplicity and eye pleasing colour palettes for my designs, but I have experimented with much more chaotic design ideas too. University has shown me that all the effort was worth it, and it helped me understand which path of this industry I want to pursue in the future. On top of that, it did not only help me develop as an artist but as an individual too. Throughout these four years spent in university, I have been able to explore and develop my unique artistic style through the various projects and contests I engaged in. Now that I have approached the end, I intend to keep up the hard work and develop my skills even further, in order to prepare myself for entry into the job market.