Soraya Mercedes Caraca

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

Hey Hey Hey, nice to meet you, human creature. Let’s keep this biography informal and friendly because that’s what I am. The name is Soraya Caraca and I am a graphic design and conceptual artist specializing in humanoids. I enjoy creating new people from scratch because I’m tired of the humans that God has created so far- and I’m sure you are too. I design the characters look, personality, and entire life story in one fell swoop and then illustrate all of that to the best of my ability; hoping that you get to know them as well as I do, and we can both start talking to imaginary people.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling extra goofy, I even take that character from a 2D illustration to a 3D sculpture, as shown in my graduate work which consisted of me building a 6ft human man. It’s no easy feat but it’s doable if you’re a fine artist who spends all their time thinking on the toilet. Please enjoy viewing some examples of my work- I recommend enjoying some salty popcorn and a refreshing diet cola on the side, you deserve it.