Laura Strele

Fine Art - BA (Hons)

My name is Laura Strele, and I'm a young up-and-coming artist focused on multiple mediums: painting, drawing, photo, video, sound, and graphic/digital design. I moved to the UK to pursue a degree in Fine Art. Through my art, I have found a way to appreciate the little things in life. My works allow me to explore new places where I find inspiration and image-making techniques, inviting the viewer to connect and see my view differently. Some of my images can't go without colour, even though I create most of my photos in black and white, since it lets the viewer see the picture in its purest form and focus on lines, shapes, texture, and contrast. During my studies, I completed an internship at the university as Digital Communication Assistant. My duties included updating on-campus information screens, leaflets, and posters using Adobe Creative Cloud. This experience helped me use my digital skills later in a working environment.  

Final year project artworks relate to mental health distress, specifically anxiety and depression. Nowadays, society is getting better at talking about what used to be taboo or stigmatised topics, like mental health. My artwork starts a conversation about the things we don’t see, the same way we never know what is happening in a person’s life or how they are feeling. 
The contrast between both main artworks, black and white, shows differences in how they can be presented or ‘hidden’ in plain view, the same way that individuals struggling can go unnoticed. Also, with the medium choice, I wanted to show the heaviness of the emotions and make the audience nervous about the artwork falling any second, which lets them experience a tiny fraction of anxiety in regard to my topic.