Charlie Ball

Film and Television Production - BA (Hons)

Growing up in Saudi Arabia during my most formative years, I spent much of my time discovering my passions for both team sports and acting. Upon returning to the UK, I continued to pursue these interests, becoming a F.A. referee while also studying for various A-levels, including Media Studies, Economics, Business, and IT.

At 16, I began working and became a supervisor with responsibilities for over 100 staff members by 19. It was during this period that I realised my true desire to focus on the more technical aspects of the film and television industry. I chose to further my education and skills by enrolling in a bachelor’s degree at ARU (Anglia Ruskin University) Cambridge.

My main aspiration is to be a valued contributor to the industry and assist in producing high-quality film and TV content. While doing so, I also aim to create independent content in my spare time. Not only will this keep me from becoming stagnant creatively, but it may also open further exciting opportunities for me in the future - in whatever form they may take.

I had the privilege of working alongside some great musicians in producing something that really resonated with myself personally. So much music and creativity go unheard and underappreciated, and Music Factory seemed like a fitting solution. Travelling across the UK, Music Factory would highlight artists and venues from the area in its weekly episode, and it was such a blast to organise and produce. Wanting to capitalise on the TV Studio space within ARU and my passion for Live music, it felt like a form of show that has been missed since the days of Top Of the Pops.
Most of the work featured here has been filmed, edited, and graded by me personally, but nothing compares to the experience of have worked alongside the other incredibly talented peers while putting Music Factory together, and absolutely couldn’t have been done without them.