Grete Kutkaite

Film and Media Studies - BA (Hons)

I’m a London, UK based artist and performer.

"Golden cities” is a short experimental film rectifying my relationship with dance, performance and upcoming big changes. It follows someone who is keen to explore new places. They need an introduction to the unknown exciting world that they are about to enter.

Inspired by Laurie Anderson’s songs from the album ‘Big Science’, I explored the inception emotions of the wish and need to explore a new start. Every city has its wiseacres and newcomers need to find them, follow them and find their way into new communities and familiarise themselves with new world.

Combining footage that I captured over the years, with the dancer’s performance and Anderson’s songs, I hoped to transmit those feelings. Anderson’s ironic and humorous lyrics compliment the moving image. The black and white leaves no colours just sharpen figures to show the diff between the nature and the city, the building and the people.