Freya James

Drama - BA (Hons)

Hi, I’m Freya, a 2023 graduate of the BA (Hons) Drama here at Anglia Ruskin University. Throughout my three years studying at ARU, I have learnt about a multitude of practitioners and methods of acting. I have refined many skills such as professionalism, time management and working collectively. During my first and second year I carried out work for both ITV and the BBC. I had the pleasure of working at ITV’s Coronation Street and I was also cast in three BBC Radio plays. This course has allowed me to become ready to transition into the creative industries and all of the skills that the Drama BA has helped me to learn and refine, I will take with me through my future career.

For our final year Festival of Performance we have created a collection of five shows ranging from devised pieces, to adapted play scripts, period dramas and dance pieces. Through this student lead project we have not only created a festival of performances, but we have also led a successful outreach programme, marketing campaign and production plan. My main role in our festival of performance is in our production of Don’t Let Samba Die, in which I will be acting, dancing and stage managing.