Jack Palmer

Drama and Film Studies - BA (Hons)

If I was to describe the themes of my work in one word, that word would be life. In all the work I do, I like to portray different aspects of life such as mental health and the different types of relationships we have.

Over the course of my teenage years, I have taken an interest in a wide variety of different films and TV shows that all portray strong feelings of love but each of them portray the concept in many different ways. Some of the writers of these films and TV shows have become a few of my many creative influences including:

  • Richard Curtis (Love Actually)
  • Russell T Davies (Doctor Who, It's A Sin, Nolly)
  • Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch)
  • Sally Wainwright (Happy Valley)

Inspired by these TV shows and films, I have gained an interest in writing my own short films and episodic TV series about the different types of relationships we have in life in both positive and negative circumstances and it is my aspiration to work with broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV and Netflix to bring these films and TV series to life in the future.

The work I do tends to relate to the subjects of love, relationships and the different types of challenges we endure in life. I like to portray these subjects in the form of narrative films.

The first film, Three. Two. One. tells the story of a therapist who is there for everyone to talk to in times of crisis, whether that be about relationship problems or mental health problems. As the film goes on, we learn that the therapist is helping others but he is forgetting to look after his own mental health.

The second film, Life, revolves around an inner monologue going on inside a person’s head as they take a walk around the city of Cambridge.