Olivia Bawden

Photography - BA (Hons)

Olivia Bawden is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Essex and Cambridgeshire. Her work focuses on capturing authentic and candid moments of her subjects. Olivia’s practice revolves around taking atmospheric portraits of individuals, that feel intimate and personal whilst still showing her subjects' confidence. She shoots both traditional analogue medium format film, as well as digital photographs, as they evoke different moods within the photographs captured.

Olivia’s current work focuses on environmental portrait photography, exploring the relationship between individuals and their environments, and how the two interact to shape one another. Using the slower pace of the last few years, she took the chance to explore her own home space, in particular how they shape her practice as a woman in a rural environment. Her current project looks at the safety of women in their home environment, and how these spaces extend their personality allowing a for feeling of comfort. A key part of this practice for Olivia has been capturing her subjects in their home spaces to document this side of female living and counteract stereotypical and perfected images we see of women at home in lifestyle and fashion photography.