Maria Bilton

Photography - BA (Hons)

I am a landscape and documentary photographer based in Norfolk. Through my photography, I explore this region because it is where I have grown up and having visited these locations as a child, it is interesting to go back now as a young adult. I shoot primarily on location in a digital format, using natural lighting. It is always important for me to remain creatively flexible, which is why I look forward to any opportunity that allows me to learn more and continue to produce work of high quality.

My previous project, Coastline, is a documentation of the Norfolk coastline, where I photographed six beaches ranging from Gorleston in the south to Hunstanton in the north. Coastline was a photobook showing my experience of each beach during lockdown as this was different to what I would have undergone before the pandemic during the summer season. As a follow-up on this series, I have focused my lens more inland, this time on the Norfolk Broads. I have photographed at nine different broads spread out across Norfolk’s waterways. This photographic series, Broad Horizon will be presented as a concertina photobook. Both projects are very personal to me as they are based on locations that I have visited numerous times growing up, and that have provided me with countless memories. Here are 6 photographs from my series Broad Horizon.