Danielle Spanton

Photography - BA (Hons)

I am a landscape and portrait photographer based in Norfolk, UK. I shoot with natural lighting and primarily use a digital camera. My work focuses on portraying personal feelings or global issues. My projects are purely based on locations I know such as ‘Covid-19’ being based in Norwich and ‘The Negative and Me’ being based within Norwich and Haverhill. Understanding the locations help with my thought process and being able to show the story and visuals fully.

My most recent project, ‘The Negative and Me’, is based around the experience of being isolated and I have photographed this feeling through landscapes in combination with self-portraits. This project allowed me to express my feelings through photography; it is a way to relieve how I am feeling and to let go of all thoughts which make me feel isolated. The reason I chose photography to show this feeling is because of the impact it can have from the scale and size when printed and how immersive my photography is. My landscapes are shot on a wide-angle lens to capture the scale of the landscape enveloping me within the image to convey this feeling of isolation. Within post-production using photoshop I have either put a square or rectangle over me within all images to help portray the feeling of isolation.