Lorenzo Barba

Media and Communication - BA (Hons)

I am a 21-year-old media studies student who enjoys radio, journalism, and movies as well as many other forms of media. As a first year at ARU, I hosted my own radio show called ‘Prime Time with Lorenzo Barba’. During this show, I discussed recent games, TV shows and movies as well as recent footballing fixtures as I have been a big football fan and avid Spurs supporter for 8 years now. This is something I highly enjoyed doing and can absolutely see myself pursuing post-graduation I’m an extroverted individual with a passion for life and a love for media.

My project is a podcast about the history of what is known as ‘slow gaming’. Slow gaming is the concept of a video game being played largely in idle as opposed to staying consistently engaged with the game. This means that instead of playing a game constantly, the player must wait several minutes, hours, or even days to unlock the next level in the game. During this podcast, I discuss a game called The Longing which is about a lonely servant who must wait 400 days to awaken his king thereby ending the game.